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Project Description
This is just another shell extension for MSBuild to enable quick execution of MSBuild scripts via Windows Explorer context menu.

Copyright (C) 2010-2016 Lex Li and other contributors.

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MSBuildShellExtension has been dead once again with no development, so I am going to update this project as an alternative. After many years of working with MSBuild, and Microsoft's open sourcing it, I think this time I can put more interesting idea to practice and let's see how it goes.

Latest News
  • 2016 April 17 - The 1.3 release is shipped with Visual Studio 2015 support.
  • 2014 May 30 - The 1.2 release is shipped with Visual Studio 2013 support.
  • 2010 May 21 - The 1.0 release is shipped.

Screenshot 1: Add a MSBuild menu item to Windows Explorer context menu.
Context Menu

Screenshot 2: The context menu item pops up the launch pad dialog.
MSBuild Launch Pad

Supported file extensions are (will add more in the future),
  1. Visual Studio solution files, *.sln
  2. Visual C# project files, *csproj
  3. Visual Basic.NET project files, *.vbproj
  4. Visual C++ project files, *.vcxproj
  5. Windows Azure project files, *.ccproj
  6. Delphi Prism project files, *.oxygene
  7. Sandcastle Help File Builder project files, *.shfbproj
  8. Generic MSBuild script files, *.proj

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